Tijuana Bibles

Tijuana Bibles

credit: David Muir Photography

Tijuana Bibles - Pariah

Born from Glasgow’s continuously fruitful and shape shifting music scene, Tijuana Bibles are one of the most formidable and creatively unshackled bands that the country's varied landscape has to offer.
Gathering rapturous reviews, taking in some of the Europe’s most revered festivals along the way the critical acclaim has mirrored their prolific reputation as an awe-inspiring live band.

As anyone that has bore witness to headline shows Across Europe the band’s unique alchemy and charisma translates perfectly from the studio into live performance.

Tijuana Bibles have carved out a brazen new path armed with a renewed sense of purpose and musical manifesto. The new material is propulsive, volatile and unencumbered by any expectation of what fans may have come to expect from their sound. Led by front man Tony Costello’s confessional vocal performance as he purges his demons with striking verbosity over the perfect canvas of gritty, hypnotic post-punk reaping the rich creative harvest that was sown within the demented post-punk of single ‘Pariah’, the band have continued to prod at the perceived horizons of their sound with efficacy on new single ‘Catacomb.’

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Punk
From: Glasgow, UK-SCOTLAND