Christaux - Human

Christaux is a new beginning for the Italian artist Clod - former member of Iori’s Eyes. His new record, Ecstasy, has been published in 2017 by La Tempesta and produced by Mario Conte (Colapesce, Meg, Antico). Clod says that it is something very powerful, honest and sincere both musically and visually.
He got rid of minimalism and went towards a magniloquent and dramatic pop music. His project fermented since 2014 and between light and dark he gave life to an album that describes how he got rid of a life apparently lived in the present, but still strongly linked to the past. In his 10 songs we find pop and cinematic atmospheres dancing between the 80s and the future, a strong holiness dressed in a color mosaic.
“Light Year” is a song inspired by the 80s’ sound and somehow it is a love song. The love you can feel for a dear friend. Clod says that it is about life choices being contaminated by the people you love. So you grab chances keeping in mind who has been close to you during hard times. You wish you could escape far away from where you stand, but there’s always someone that, when you least expect it, saves you and tells where home is. The video is directed by Giada Bossi.

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Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Label, Brand Partnership, Distribution - Worldwide, Booking Agent - Worldwide, Publishing

Genre: Pop
Subgenre: Avant / Experimental
From: Milano, ITALY