Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song

credit: Small Island Big Song

Small Island Big Song - Naka wara wara to'o (Small Island Big Song mix)


Produced over 3 years across 16 islands of Asia, Pacific and Indian Oceans, Small Island Big Song will bring together 6 headlining first nation artists to SXSW. Performing in front of a panoramic cinema screen interacting with their cinematic band members. This powerful unique approach enables over 100 artists, who have played on each other’s songs, to be represented at each concert. Taking both the artists and audience beyond the bounds of the venue and live show.

Ado Kaliting Pacidal - Amis/Pangcah - Taiwan
Mau Power - Torres Strait - Australia
Yoyo Tuki - Rapa Nui - Easter Island
Charles Maimarosia - Are'Are - Solomon Islands
Alena Murang - Kelabit - Borneo
Ben Hakalitz - Selau - Papua New Guinea

Kuana Torres Kahele - Hawaii
Tarika Sammy - Madagascar
Airileke - PNG
Gus Teja - Indonesia.
Rajery - Madagascar
Horomona Horo - Aotearoa N.Z
Piteyo Ukah - Taiwan
O Tahiti E - Tahiti
The Vanuatu Water Women - Vanuatu
amongst others.

Producers VJ/DJ
Tim Cole - AUS
BaoBao Chen - Taiwan/AUS

GUITAR - SYNTH - ENGLISH free event.

[Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.]

Artist is seeking the following professional connections: Brand Partnership, Distribution - US, Distribution - UK/Europe, Other Artists to Tour With, Booking Agent - US, Publishing

Genre: World
Subgenre: Soul
From: Melbourne, AUSTRALIA