Great Electric Quest

Great Electric Quest
Great Electric Quest - WICKED HANDS

Delivering a live performance 2nd to none these working class Rock 'N Rollers are playing and partying all across the Planet Earth...

Coined as the, "hardest working rock band in all of San Diego" by NBC, "Great Electric Quest" was born from the primordial ooze of heavy tunes and razor sharp riffage. Deemed by many as “Iron Sabbath” and by others as "Candle Kyuss" Great Electric Quest delivers a strong dose of Heavy Metal with undertones of Doomy Rock Stonery.

"Great Electric Quest are becoming an even more dynamic outfit than they were when they started, and they leave little doubt across Chapter II‘s span about their capacity to turn heads before they make them bang, roll, or nod. They are, simply, a band WHO DEMAND ATTENTION." - The Obelisk

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Hard Rock
From: San Diego, CA