Floating Room

Floating Room

credit: Matt Vrvillo

Floating Room - Sad God

"Portland’s Floating Room is a band led by Maya Stoner and Kyle Bates that specializes in emotive, beat-laden indie rock made all the more intimate-sounding by virtue its writing and recording sessions largely take place in Stoner’s bedroom." -She Shreds

"Floating Room’s self-described “gray pop” brings grace and order to distorted noise compositions, which sometimes eclipse Stoner’s hushed lyrics like passing storms. Each song sounds like it’s backed by a wild pack of guitars—some riffs hum warmly, while others thunder and drone over Bates’ samples, which include dog whimpers and wind chimes. The result is arresting."-Portland Mercury

"All of which is to say that [Floating Room] matters. It matters to those that created it, and there’s good chance it’s going to matter a lot to you too. Managing to feel both strikingly weighty but dizzyingly weightless, from the first wash of guitar to the swirling cloud of layered vocals that acts as its farewell, this is a wonderfully emotive journey. -Gold Flake Paint

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Genre: Rock
Subgenre: Indie Rock
From: Portland, OR