Carlos Manuel García Vergara


García is the founder of Kewelta, the advertising network that has advertised for more than 11 years artistic events and Cuban artists. Nowadays, a platform with a new version is being developed which allows the entrepreneurs to grow by sharing their ads for free in an offline and online environment. For 12 years he has created advertising for Cuban artists via Internet and traditional media such as TV and printed media. His activity as entrepreneur began while he was studying “Computer Sciences”, but he has learned most on his own. García brings to SXSW the new app of Kewelta with a device that will help people store ads in clouds, it will be used in Festivals, Taxis, Bars and also areas without full Internet access. Cuban startup scene is moving onto a wider vision where Cuban technology can be used abroad and García's work has gathered the experience of Cuban reality with the international vision of people related to adtech, mainly in Germany. The world faces a new era of big amount of data and a big need to access information important to people. Services like VEVO and others have demonstrated that accessing relevant and high quality information is the future for content services. These issues and the experience of living in an offline environment made García and his team create a new platform to boost mainly entrepreneurs and artists. He has been working for years with the entrepreneur scene in Cuba, focused in how to boost them. García lives in Cuba where he has his development team.

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