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Andy is the serial entrepreneur and is currently the Founder & CEO of Think3, Founder & CEO of Crossover, Co-Founder & CEO of RideAustin, the CEO of Engine Yard and the CEO of DNN Corp.

Andy’s most recent venture is a $1B private equity fund called Think3. Think3 is designed to enable SaaS founders to take more shots on goal. The firm fundamentally believes that founders should think of their career as a portfolio - and sell their modestly growing companies earlier to start their next high growth venture/unicorn. They purchase these companies, enable a unique process to transition out the team in 100 days - then provide the founder & team $500k in cash as non-equity angel funds to go start their new venture.

Andy also founded Crossover in 2014 and has now grown it to become one of the largest online talent marketplaces - spanning over 108 countries. Crossover was founded on the belief that the best talent is truly spread all over the world - and assembling these all-stars into cloud teams enables companies to innovate at a significantly faster pace.

In April of 2017, Andy also became the CEO of Engine Yard - the leader in Ruby-on-Rails Full Stack & DevOps as well as the CEO of DNN Corp - the leading Microsoft .Net-based open source content management platform.

In his spare time - Andy is also the co-founder & CEO of the world’s only non-profit rideshare called RideAustin. RideAustin has completed over 2.5M rides to date while simultaneously raising over $300k for local charities.

Previously, Andy spent 14 years running strategy at Intel Corporation and was also an advisor to the US White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois and a MBA from Rice University.

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Programming descriptions are generated by participants and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of SXSW.

Events featuring Andy Tryba
Events featuring Andy Tryba