Eric Colson

Chief Algorithms Officer
Stitch Fix

Eric is the chief algorithms officer at Stitch Fix. Under his guidance, the company has become the quintessential data science-driven business. The Algorithms team is composed of more than 70 data scientists and data platform engineers who specialize in a broad range of disciplines including statistical learning, machine learning, deep learning and AI, human computation and distributed systems. The company now has algorithms deployed in nearly every function of the company.

Prior to joining Stitch Fix, Eric was the vice president of data science and engineering at Netflix and held analytical roles at Yahoo!, Blue Martini, Proxicom and Information Resources Inc. Eric is an advisor to Data Elite and Earnest inc., and holds a B.A. in economics from San Francisco State University, an M.S. in information systems from Golden Gate University and a M.S. in management science and engineering from Stanford University.