Max Salomon

Exec Producer
Black Dot Films


Max Salomon and Malvina Martin are the co-founders of BlackDotFilmsVR - a leading VR & 360 film production company. As the launch content and production partner for National Geographic, BDF has produced a pipeline of over 20 films in the last 12 months for NG's VR production partnerships with Facebook and HULU and racked up some of the most virally successful VR films across both platforms.
Their VR films have been seen by over 120 million viewers.

With a background as seasoned documentary television producers and executives - with over 20 national Emmy wins and nominations between them - Max and Malvina are at the forefront of transforming VR from just a “cool new tech” into a rich non-fiction storytelling platform that puts the audience at the heart of larger than life stories they capture. Unlike VR tech companies whose upfront hardware investments define the stories they are able to tell, BDF puts the story and content first … and then finds or custom builds the cameras the story requires.

Along the way they’ve subjected VR cameras to 200 mph winds, bone-crushing G-forces, the hurling axes of hordes of warring Vikings and the pressures of record breaking 400-foot deep cave diving.

From climbing into the spires of giant sequoia trees with scientists studying the impacts of global warming, to getting inside the head of a woman who walks on the wings of an aerobatic biplane, to the intimate experiences of orphaned baby orangutans who’ve never seen a tree and are learning to climb - BDF goes beyond merely wowing the audience and creating “presence”. They’ve pushed at the limits of the medium to create films that deeply engage their audiences in emotional and nuanced narratives with a beginning, middle and an end.

In addition to their award-winning work for National Geographic, BDF is also producing and developing VR content for a variety of other outlets - for major consumer brands, museums and NGOs.

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