Jeremy Koenig

Founder & CEO

Dr. Jeremy Koenig is the Founder and CEO of Athletigen Technologies, a leader in providing precision performance insights to athletes and coaches by blending environmental data and genomics. Dr. Koenig’s development of Iris, a sports performance application, builds on his understanding of the valid role of genetic research that aims to enhance understanding of athlete susceptibility to injury, training and recovery.

Athletigen’s work provides analytics to athletes and their coaches in real-time. Those analytics are delivered in the context of an athlete’s genetic predispositions and daily environment.

Dr. Koenig was a varsity track-and-field athlete during the completion of his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Following graduate school, Dr. Koenig pursued Postdoctoral training in genetics at Cornell University.

He was a Professor of Nutrigenomics at Mount Saint Vincent University, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, before moving to the biomedical industry to work on developing and commercializing a genetics-based fertility test.

With more than 10 years of experience coaching professional athletes, Dr. Koenig combined his background in genomics and his passion for training when he founded Athletigen in 2012.
Five years later, Athletigen is working with Olympians, Paralympians and elite athletes and coaches - among other partners - to help refine Iris for public launch.

Dr. Koenig continues to combine his passion for sports performance with his formal training in genetics. His mission, and Athletigen's, is to accelerate scientific discovery through the delivery and application of genomics to every human.

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