David Yewdall

David Lewis Yewdall MPSE, a veteran of just over 38 years of professional audio experience — with over 140 feature films as a Sound Designer / Sound Editor as well as taking on the chores and responsibilities for just over half of his resumé for feature titles as the Supervising Sound Editor / Sound Design. He mastered the disciplined techniques of custom sound recording, developing several new techniques that have been adopted and used in thousands of other films and video projects to this day . Custom sound effect recording is very different from the disciplined techniques required for Production Dialog recording. Embracing the best of what ANALOG recording has to offer, as well as the best of what DIGITAL recording and editing has to offer — resulting in a far more vibrant sound track, than just using ANALOG — or just using DIGITAL. David’s Foley sessions takes advantage of custom Foley Sound Effect opportunities that are possible on a Foley stage to much higher possibilities. Recording amazing UNDERWATER Foley action — CREATURE vocals — strange and unnerving AMBIANCES. Complex gigantic METAL twisting, cascades — and of course FIRE performances action, far beyond just ‘torch whooshes’. One can create a ‘character’ with flames performed in sync to the visual. “Sound is more important than the visual image — especially in horror and creature films. Great sound can HELP out poor photography — however, GREAT cinematography and spectacular visual effects CANNOT help out poor sound.”

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