Kate Ducey

MFA Candidate
College of Fine Arts The University of Texas At Austin

Kate Ducey was an actor and a dancer, and eventually a circus performer. She then became a TV production coordinator. Wanting a creative voice, she is now a projection and lighting designer.

She believes that design should move with the action, and move the audience. Her work plays with movement. Movement of light. Movement of imagery. At SXSW she is presenting "The Culling", an interactive projection installation which explores the experience of being “other”.

She has designed lights for many theater, dance and circus performances including “Nighthawks: A Circus Noir" at the Ford Amphitheater in Los Angeles. She designed projections for “Refugia" for The Moving Company out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She began performing on the trapeze while still a student at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. She will (hopefully) soon complete her MFA in Integrated Media at the University of Texas at Austin.

Kate grew up in Indiana. She is a Jew. She likes to swing from the rafters and fly through the air. She cries when she has to speak about things she is passionate about. Kate always wants to do everything, and do it herself.

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