Richard Busch

King and Ballow

Richard S. Busch is Head of King & Ballow's Entertainment and Intellectual Property Litigation Practice Group. One of Busch's most notable recent victories was the "Blurred Lines" case, in which he represented Marvin Gaye's family in the landmark case against Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke. In that case, Busch secured a $7.4 million jury verdict in favor of the Gaye family. More recently, Busch took on a copyright infringement case representing songwriters Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard against Ed Sheeran with respect to the hit song "Photograph."

Some of Busch's other notable victories include cases in which he represented Eminem's production company, F.B.T. Productions LLC, (and secured a Ninth Circuit decision that agreements between record label and download providers are licenses, entitling his clients and other artists to 50 percent of the label's download revenue), Eminem's publishing company, Eight Mile Style, and Bridgeport Music.

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