Stuart Karten

Karten Design

Stuart Karten is President of the award-winning product design and innovation consultancy, Karten Design. For 30 years, he has partnered with medical and consumer product companies, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations, to build their business through design. Stuart is known for an approach to design that emphasizes people and emotion. His firm studies people’s behaviors, ceremonies, workflow, and pain points to develop deep user empathy. Driven by these insights, Stuart and his creative team of 30 help leading companies seize new opportunities and create compelling products that resonate with end users, increasing adoption and enabling better health outcomes. Stuart graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. He worked for Gould Medical Products, Mattel, and Baxter Medical Products before founding Karten Design in 1984. Stuart is a founding member of the USC Center for Body Computing and serves on the Board of Regents for the Da Vinci Design High School.