Pranav Yadav

Neuro-Insight US Inc

Pranav Yadav, CEO of Neuro-Insight U.S., is an international innovation evangelist and thought leader dedicated to changing how brands and customers communicate. By using the passive, granular insights of neuromarketing, Pranav helps advertisers and media companies make the most compelling connections between product, communication, context and consumer. Forbes recently named Pranav among the Top 30 Under 30 for Marketing.

Neuro-Insight is a global market research company that uses unique brain-imaging technology to measure the brain’s response to communications – pioneering the link between brain activity and consumer behavior.

Neuro-Insight’s groundbreaking approach, peer-reviewed and published in the International Journal of Advertising, measures pre-conscious brain activity to identify factors that drive marketing effectiveness. By reporting on media and advertising effectiveness on a second-by-second basis with patented Steady-State Topography (SST), Neuro-Insight advises on crucial conceptual, executional, and media planning issues.

Pranav has previously worked as a senior consultant with an international innovation consulting firm, ReD Associates and as a financial analyst with Goldman Sachs.

At Neuro-Insight, Pranav has continued to evangelize for true, accurate understanding of media consumers. Using Neuro-Insight’s industry-leading SST technology, Pranav is dedicated to helping advertisers, brand owners and content providers make the best and most impactful case for their products by providing 360-degree solutions along multiple touchpoints.

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