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AI: Transforming Luxury, Fashion and Beauty

Description: and personalized chats, artificial intelligence (AI) has become the new customer service for fashion and beauty … brands. This panel will explore the future of artificial intelligence (AI) for luxury, fashion

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A Music Revolution in the Connected Dashboard

Description: . The technological changes in automotive, digital music and artificial intelligence are converging and bringing new

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Scouting 2.0: How AI Can Predict Player Success

Description: are archaic in nature. Using artificial intelligence is a much more efficient way to predict the future

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Taming the Sun: Innovations to Harness Solar Energy

Description: as cheap as paint, employ artificial photosynthesis to store intermittent sunshine as convenient fuels

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AI Creativity in Art, Neuroscience, and the Law

Description: Artificial intelligences now produce compelling works of art, raising questions both metaphysical

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Design for Personality Neuroscience & Emotional AI

Description: Soon, companies will use personality and emotion reading artificial intelligence, in their websites

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AI: Ready to Disrupt the Design Discovery Process?

Description: We will explore whether artificial intelligence is truly effective when analyzing human emotion

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The End of Global Hunger? AI Will Make it Work

Description: Artificial Ingelligence is a part of our daily lives already-and it will also have a crucial role

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Hacking the Brain: The Power of Neuroenhancement

Description: artificial enhancement of humans and raise ethical questions about the brain as a productivity factor.

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A.I. Will Help Feed a Growing Planet

Description: in an artificial intelligence (A.I.) lab in Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute. Much more than a four

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The Emotional Life of Your Autonomous Car

Description: . And it's about to get more complicated. With the convergence of affective technology and artificial

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What AI Reveals About Our Place in the Universe

Description: Artificial intelligence reveals self-reflexive patterns in our brains, bodies, cities

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Democratizing A.I. for Individuals & Organizations

Description: Fei-Fei Li, Stanford’s Artificial Intelligence Lab Director and Chief Scientist of AI/ML at Google

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Talking ‘Bout a Revolution

Description: The robot uprising is happening. Automation and artificial intelligence are already replacing

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The GREATER Bay Is In China, Not Silicon Valley

Description: dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, Gaming, FinTech, IoT, and so much more. It's time to get ready

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Live or Die by AI

Description: and why the future of work is being driven by the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. It’s simple

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Clara Kliman-Silver

Bio: Clara Kliman-Silver is a UX designer and researcher with experience in artificial intelligence … , an artificial intelligence platform company headquartered in Berkeley, California. She also

UX Designer

Terah Lyons

Bio: focused on emergent technology related to machine intelligence, including artificial intelligence … of Artificial Intelligence Initiative, worked on robotics policy and regulatory matters, and led

Former Policy Advisor to the US Chief Technology Officer and Technology Policy Fellow at Mozilla

Liesl Capper Yearsley

Bio: Liesl Yearsley was CEO of the Artificial Intelligence company Cognea, which was acquired by IBM

AI Life

Lynne Parker

Bio: systems, robotic learning, human-robot interaction, and artificial intelligence. Lynne received her

The University of Tennessee
Associate Dean

Richard Socher

Bio: and works on bringing state of the art artificial intelligence solutions to Salesforce. Prior

Chief Scientist and Stanford Adjunct Professor

Grace Lin

Bio: focuses include natural language processing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Prior

Data Scientist

Tony Pinville

Bio: Tony is an expert in big data, artificial intelligence and deep learning. Tony is the co-founder

CEO and Co-Founder

Sean Doherty

Bio: and graduate degree in Computer Science with a concentration in Artificial Intelligence from WPI. Sean

CrossComm, Inc
Chief Software Architect

Stephanie Lampkin

Bio: & CEO of Blendoor, artificial intelligence that mitigates unconscious bias; in other words, technology

Founder & CEO

Shawna Butler

Bio: humanity’s grand challenges. We focus on the opportunities presented by robotics, artificial

Singularity University

Anna-Katrina Shedletsky

Bio: for consumer-grade machine learning and artificial intelligence in the manufacturing space.

Instrumental, Inc.

Eduardo Endo

Bio: and 1,600 students per year. Graduated in Computer Science from the PUC -SP and Master in Artificial

Academic Director

John Delaney

Bio: Artificial Intelligence Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. In 2011, Delaney founded

US House of Representatives

Luca Turin

Bio: Zhang, to develop an artificial nose made with natural receptors as part of DARPA's RealNose program

BSRC Alexander Fleming

Michaela Ross

Bio: and regulatory landscape of autonomous and connected vehicles, artificial intelligence, drones, internet

Bloomberg BNA
Tech Reporter

Alexander Mankowsky

Bio: on the then new field of Artificial Intelligence. After heavy programming in OOS and Prolog, he


Chris Jones

Bio: and Embedded Systems at the University of Southern California, the Artificial Intelligence Lab

iRobot Corporation
Vice President of Technology

Maja Mataric

Bio: in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from MIT in 1994, MS in Computer Science from MIT in 1990

University of Southern California
Professor, Vice Dean for Research, Viterbi School of Engineering Dir, Robotics and Autonomous Systems Center (RASC)

Beth Breeden

Bio: in clinical informatics, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence, and innovative/disruptive

Lipscomb University
Assoc Prof & Dir of Graduate Studies in Health Care Informatics

Christof Koch

Bio: in Tübingen, Germany in 1982. He worked for four years at the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at MIT

The Allen Institute
Chief Scientist and President

Susan Schneider

Bio: artificial intelligence (including superintelligence) and brain enhancement (see mind uploading) and uses

Cognitive Science Program, The University of Connecticut

Hugo Liu

Bio: of artificial intelligence and consumer taste prediction. As the Chief Scientist of, he helped

Chief Scientist

Tess Posner

Bio: and inclusion in artificial intelligence development, research and policy. Before joining AI4ALL, she

Exec Dir

Sarah Newman

Bio: and philosophical dimensions of artificial intelligence, the curious intersections of the human and the nonhuman

Metalab At Harvard University
Creative Researcher

Kai Bond

Bio: and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and enterprise IOT. Kai

Comcast Ventures/Catalyst Fund

Matt Sparks

Bio: is focused on virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and artificial intelligence

Texas Insight

Fei-Fei Li

Bio: Department. Dr. Fei-Fei Li is the Director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab

Stanford University
Chief Scientist of AI/ML & Professor of Computer Science

Molly Wright Steenson

Bio: focuses on the intersection of design, architecture, and artificial intelligence. She is the author

Carnegie Mellon University
Assoc Professor

Rajeev Dutt

Bio: solutions for enterprises and education. Rajeev has expertise in cloud computing, artificial intelligence

CEO / Co-Founder

Alexander Reben

Bio: ,” his work deals with human-machine relationships, synthetic psychology, artificial philosophy

Psychology Department, University of California, Berkeley
Visiting Scholar