Title Design Competition

Title Design Competition

Paris, 1895. After solving a mysterious and weird homicide, two wacky bohemian cousins accidentally discover how to time travel with a paradoxical bathtub and get lost in time. In the attempt to come back home, they run into a load of surreal troubles bickering all the time like two old grumblers

LOCA (2017) is a feature film written and directed by Nathan Gabaeff, starring Danay Garcia, Lou Diamond Phillips, Steven Bauer, Emilio Rivera, and Danny Trejo. The story follows an ex gang member (Loca), and her young cousin as they are stalked by a thug named Joker. The title sequence captures the soul of the story by taking the audience on a journey through smoke and fire; utilizing powerful images of crows, calavera skulls, and tarot cards, which are featured in the film.

No description provided for film.

Shadowy glints of gold and molten metal curling from the darkness, at first menacing and slow, entwine to form a single, sinister crown. Scored by Oscar-winning film composer Hans Zimmer. This Netflix series "The Crown" depicts the early days of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

In times of crisis and major scams, frustration and discontent feelings are widespread among the population and the defensive violence of the system seems more unfair than ever. And yet, it is difficult to think that a
police riot, which exercises a "legal" violence, is aware of the negative charge of his social role.
But what if he found himself face to face with the victim of his violence in another context, far from the chaos of the demonstration, outside the battlefield?
Would he keep his convictions or the meeting would undermine his schemes?
This is the starting point of The One-Eyed King: a black comedy which aims to demonstrate the perplexity in front of our complex social reality.

A blazing sun rises over the sierra of the American West—or is it an industrial lamp shining across the rib cage of an android skeleton? In Westworld‘s unsettling opening credits, it’s hard to tell. And that’s the point.
The show, about a Western theme park populated with humanlike robots, unnerves as much as it excites. The main title sequence welcomes you to a world in which things feel very much out of place.

A man is driving his way to an unknown destination. Next to him, on the passenger seat is a laptop and metal VR goggles. Electric light poles and wires are flying by.. The man stops the car and gets out. A huge undefinable structure connecting all the electric wires together is appearing behind the cornfield.

"Golden Life" is a series about a self pretentious family which falling apart under the pressure of quickly escalating crimes and love affairs within the family. The season two is focusing on the consequences of their mistakes from the past.

No description provided for film.

The series centers on 17-year-old Joshua "J" Cody, who moves in with his freewheeling relatives in their Southern California beach town after his mother dies of a heroin overdose, headed by boot-tough matriarch Janine "Smurf" Cody.

A former neurosurgeon embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts.

Opening titles for Stash and Fitc's Style Frames conference.

St. Nickel, a local strip club, is caught between a gang of bikers, people determined to revitalize the neighborhood and diligent politicians who threaten to expropriate it. Nicole, the best dancer in Sudbury, is determined to save it but she already has a lot on her hands: an aspiring psychic brother who collects one-night stand stories, a sister who is the titleholder of judgment errors, a teen in crisis and a boyfriend who has to pass his citizenship test. The problem, however, is that her shenanigans risk leading her to prison or to the psychiatrist. A divine intervention is the only solution. Fortunately, the Virgin Mary is never far!

No description provided for film.

"Dogma" is a new Mexican show about a pair of detectives who face extreme religious sects and mysterious paranormal events, while fighting their own personal demons. It is set in the present, and deals with some very controversial religious subjects, as well as atypical main characters who may be described as fallen angels fighting evil. The first season consists of 13 episodes, most of which are directed by Carlos Carrera.

No description provided for film.

Daniel Solomon is not having a good day. Somewhere in the stratosphere between Bangkok and Tokyo, the jetliner on which he’s travelling blows up, ejecting him and his fellow passengers into the sky. This is how Jared Young’s daring first novel begins: with a bang. And to bring this story to life, motion designer Chris Moberg collaborated with the author to build a beautiful, game-changing book trailer that Applied Arts Magazine called “a visually arresting piece that rivals any movie trailer."

Produced by Imaginary Forces with Creative Director Michelle Dougherty at the helm, the "Jessica Jones" title sequence stunningly transposes the distinctive painting style of Alias illustrator David W. Mack to set the stage for a complex and disturbing comic book yarn unlike anything Marvel has produced to date. Using a live action plate of paint and incorporating it onto photographs and other filmed elements, the director created a moody, painterly rendition of Jessica Jones' New York, where we see darkness at every turn.

'As for Stranger Things: While Benguiat says he has yet to watch the show, he likes how his typeface was used in the credits. "They paired it with Avant Garde, which was designed by my old ITC partner, Herb Lubalin," he notes. "Herb named Benguiat after me, so it's like old times. We're back in the driver's seat together again!"'- Fast Company Design
A disjointed version of "The Stranger Things" title starts the sequence, typographically setting the tone for the show. Imbuing the opening with a sense of unease, the music informs the movement of the type as the letterforms slide together to form the title. "The Stranger Things" main title mimics an optical look which reflects the time period.

"If you can't be yourself, then who the hell are you?"

"Barbie Beach" is a short film about Linda and Steve Quick. Two folks that use a small plot of sand and Barbies to entertain any who pass by.

Throughout the process, we had one basic rule: animate everything in 3D, but render it out with flat colors. In order to do this, we pushed the software in new and unusual ways. This included a unique combination of particle simulations, procedural shaders, and orthographic cameras. We then took this 3D animation and paired it with grid-based typography and a limited color palette. The resulting effect is something that is playful and straightforward, yet simultaneously too complex for the human mind to create without the help of powerful 3D software.”

No description provided for film.

For "Of Kings and Prophets," we collaborated with show creator Chris Brancato to design a title sequence for the epic David and Goliath-era biblical series on ABC. Together, we developed a concept to articulate two themes: The uniting of the 12 tribes of Israel, a fledgling nation surrounded by enemies under King Saul’s rule and the human stories of greed, love, ambition, betrayal, faith, loss and the temptations of sin. We shot live-action scenarios depicting the 10 Commandments and intercut these vignettes with a volcanic-black topographical map fragmented into 12 parts. The land masses move toward each other, surrounded on all sides by the threat of a prevailing tide of molten gold.

Open Titles for "IRA (Wrath)" by Jota Aronak. Made by Pastrana Lab and Homeland Studio.

This piece is a live action, shot with mirrors and reflections of images of punishments happened throughout history. It’s a representation of the meaning of justice and how this meaning change. It´s a representation of the meaning of justice and how it changes. This is the first film main titles by Pastrana Lab and Homeland. The film explains the meaning of justice and how this meaning can change depending on your country, the year you are living in or even your own point of view. It is a representation of the different ways to understand punishments.

As long time fans of the comic, Picturemill was thrilled to be involved in the series open for AMC’s "Preacher." Gravitating to the unique imagery of the series, Picturemill created huge type windows to capture and hold the unexpected shots and characters of Jesse Custer’s world. The rock-gospel track relentlessly drives the sequence forward to a flaming finish.
As described by io9, "It’s strange and unsettling, but it’s also kind of perfect at the same time."