Shorts Program 2

Shorts Program 2

A single father wants to fulfil his young daughter’s wish to throw a slumber party for her friends, but it turns out to be more of a challenge than he thought due to the rules of modern society.

A family's plan to stage an intervention unravels.

An adolescent girl comes of age against the backdrop of serial killer Ted Bundy's execution in 1989.

Hog is a man you'd cross the street to avoid. An eccentric, manic character, he stumbles around his South London neighborhood watching in disbelief as local joints are transformed - seemingly overnight - into hipster coffee bars and expensive estate agents. His best friend JJ has gone missing, and he's convinced there's a wider conspiracy at work.
But no-one listens to him - they're too busy knocking back overpriced lattes. His investigation begins to turn up terrifying evidence that perhaps he was right all along - and he might be next to disappear. But is it all in his head? "Cla'am" is the debut short from Nathaniel Martello-White, one of the UK's leading young playwrights and actors.

Having enabled a loss that now torments her, a woman goes to an adult store in search of redemption.

Crystal robs a liquor store and it goes pretty ok.