St. Nickel

St. Nickel

St. Nickel, a local strip club, is caught between a gang of bikers, people determined to revitalize the neighborhood and diligent politicians who threaten to expropriate it. Nicole, the best dancer in Sudbury, is determined to save it but she already has a lot on her hands: an aspiring psychic brother who collects one-night stand stories, a sister who is the titleholder of judgment errors, a teen in crisis and a boyfriend who has to pass his citizenship test. The problem, however, is that her shenanigans risk leading her to prison or to the psychiatrist. A divine intervention is the only solution. Fortunately, the Virgin Mary is never far!

Year:  2016
Genre:  Comedy, Drama
Screening Section: Title Design Competition
Screening Category: Title Sequence
Country: Canada
Runtime: 1 mins



Directors:  Jay Bond, Garry Tutte
Executive Producer:  Tracy Legault
Producer:  Jay Bond, Garry Tutte
Cinematographer: Garry Tutte
Editor: Garry Tutte, Jay Bond
Production Designer: Garry Tutte, Jay Bond
Music: Serge Côté


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