Darcy's Quinceañera

Darcy's Quinceañera

Darcy's avatar attempts to promote her quinceañera, which is occurring in the real world. All the avatars assume it is occurring on the R3AL W0RLD innernet server, because in this retrofuturist photorealistic role-playing game reality, the vast majority of people's time is spent online in the innernet. Social media, superficiality, narcissism, alternate online personas, tons of fun!!

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Year:  2016
Genre:  Comedy, Experimental, History, Music, Sports
Screening Category: Texas High School
Country: United States
Runtime: 4 mins




Director:  Sam Cooper
Executive Producer:  Jonathan Randall
Producer:  Sam Cooper
Screenwriter: Sam Cooper, Jonathan Randall
Cinematographer: Sam Cooper
Editor: Sam Cooper
Production Designer: Sam Cooper
Sound Designer: Sam Cooper
Music: Sam Cooper
Principal Cast: Sam Cooper, Jonathan Randall, Will Henley, Anusha Kurapati, Zoe Allen, Ian Kraemer, Sloan Touchet, Jeffrey Carp, Reed Parks, Barbara Woodruff


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Sam Cooper
Sam Cooper
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Sam Cooper