The Saurus

The Saurus

A man with a robust vocabulary must write a scornful letter to an old friend.

Year:  2016
Genre:  Comedy
Screening Section: Midnight Shorts Competition
Screening Category: Narrative Short
Country: United States
Runtime: 7 mins

Drew Maynard

Director Bio

Nashville native Drew Maynard's favorite thing in the world is to create something with a group of good friends. His previous work includes the short comedy "Usetocould," which also draws from a well of tremendous sadness. He has received a few awards for his filmmaking efforts and he hopes to continue making things that connect with other humans.


Director:  Drew Maynard
Executive Producer:  Drew Maynard
Producer:  Drew Maynard
Screenwriter: Drew Maynard
Cinematographer: Caleb Dirks
Editor: Drew Maynard
Production Designer: Drew Maynard
Sound Designer: Clay Howard
Music: Markus Midkiff
Principal Cast: Aaron Muñoz
Additional Credits: First AC: Josh Link, Assistant Director: Adam Stunkle, Score Sound Engineer: JD Tiner


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Drew Maynard
Cornpone Pictures
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Drew Maynard