Endangered African species like elephants, rhinos, and lions march closer to extinction each year. Their devastating decline is fueled by a global desire to consume and collect these majestic animals. Trophy investigates the powerhouse businesses of big game hunting, breeding, and wildlife conservation. Through the eyes of impassioned individuals who drive these industries, filmmakers Shaul Schwarz and Christina Clusiau grapple with the complex consequences of imposing economic value on animals. What are the ethical implications of treating animals as commodities? Do breeding, farming, and hunting offer some of the few remaining options to conserve these species before it's too late?

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Shaul Schwarz

Christina Clusiau


Directors: Shaul Schwarz, Christina Clusiau
Executive Producer: Sharon Chang, Lilly Hartley, Jeffrey Tarrant, Maxyne Franklin, Kate Townsend, Victoria Steventon, Lars Knudsen, Tom Hardy, Dean Baker, Dan Cogan, Thomas Benski, Lucas Ochoa
Producer: Lauren Haber, Julia Nottingham
Cinematographer: Shaul Schwarz, Christina Clusiau
Editor: Halil Efrat, Jay A. Sterrenberg
Additional Credits: Co-Executive Producer: Jenny Raskin,, Co-Executive Producer: Steve Cohen , Co-Executive Producer: Paula Froehle, Co-Executive Producer: Cristina Ljungberg, Co-Executive Producer: Blaine Vess


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Genre: Documentary, Drama
Screening Section: Festival Favorites
Screening Category: Documentary Feature
Country: South Africa, United States
Language: English and Afrikaans with English Subtitles
Runtime: 108 mins