As I Walk Through The Valley

"As I Walk Through The Valley" unfolds over four decades of music. In the 60s, garage rockers who mix the influence of American pop with the wild nightlife of Reynosa, Mexico create a trans-national scene. In the 70s, musicians inspired by the social movements of the time, embrace their roots and reinterpret traditional Ranchera music to develop a distinctive Chicano sound. By the 80s, the first signs of punk and hardcore emerge. Alienated kids at the height of Tejano music form bands of their own. With no venues, they fill burned out buildings and quinceanera halls and live DIY.
Finally, the punks of the 90s develop coalitions and pool resources to create a lasting infrastructure in the dawn of the internet-age.

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Ronnie Garza, Charlie Vela


Ronnie Garza, Charlie Vela


Ronnie Garza, Charlie Vela

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Additional Camera Operator: Jeff Antons, Additional Camera Operator: Eric Vasquez, Additional Camera Operator: Joseph Trevino


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Ronnie Garza and Charlie Vela

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Ronnie Garza

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