Level Up Your Esports Partnerships


Brent Barry

Logitech G

Kristen Salvatore


Tyrone Wang


Esports has been a big shift in entertainment and culture that has captured a lot of fans and companies' time and attention. From sports team owners to PC hardware companies like Logitech G and NVidia, to huge beverage companies like Coca Cola and Red Bull, everyone is jumping in to esports. But how can these endemic and non-endemic companies who are involved within esports teams, players, events and leagues to create the highest value and be effective with their partnerships. These companies all have an opportunity to shape the future of this growing audience and sport, and the popularity and desire to get involved in esports is only getting bigger.

Primary Entry: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Artist Wristband, Film Badge, Interactive Badge, Gaming Wristband
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate