#Laugh: Creating Art Among the Stars

#Laugh: Creating Art Among the Stars


Jason Dunn

Made In Space Inc

Naughtia Stanko

Schizoid Rabbit Studio

Nicole Stott

NPS Discovery

World-renowned artist Eyal Gever and Jason Dunn, Made In Space co-founder & chief technology officer discuss the inspiration and challenges of Gever's vision to create humanity's first art sculpture in space.
Using a mobile phone application which renders a 3D representation of soundwaves, the public was invited to record their laughter and vote on favorites. The winner's "laugh star" was printed on the International Space Station February 2017 using the Made In Space Additive Manufacturing Facility.
Naughtia Stanko, contest winner, will join Dunn and Gever on stage, as well as Nicole Stott, artist and astronaut, who will participate through video conference.

Primary Entry: Music Badge, Platinum Badge, Artist Wristband, Film Badge, Interactive Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate