Why Tech Must Lead on Diversity and Inclusion Now

Mar 15, 2017

3:30pm – 4:30pm CT

President Obama used social media to build grassroots communities and catalyze his win in 2008. He then built new teams to drive tech solutions in government and strengthen relationships with Silicon Valley.

Eight years later, Trump used tech in a much different way to win the electoral college, and send a dangerous message of exclusion rippling across the globe. The Tech Industry was arguably complicit with silence, allowing fake news, and developing algorithms that reinforce network and knowledge bubbles.

Meanwhile the tech industry deeply struggles with diversity and inclusion, where innovation and opportunity is largely driven by white, straight, young, affluent, ablebodied men. Now more than ever is the time for the Tech Industry to stand up for inclusion across America. In our session we’ll discuss key findings in working with leading tech companies on diversity and inclusion and share strategies for taking action now."

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