Going Global: Scaling Hackathons to Multiply Impact

Going Global: Scaling Hackathons to Multiply Impact


Ali Llewellyn

Nicholas Skytland

The spread of hackathons over the last decade, out of the open-source software movement and into corporate and nonprofit worlds, is representative of the promise of entrepreneurialism at work. Today, you can find a hackathon in almost any community, addressing a whole host of topics. But what is the difference between a single hackathon and a global mass collaboration? How can we use technology to scale impact beyond just a single city event? Join us to learn about how technology has opened possibilities to engage the masses in ways impossible to imagine centuries ago. We’ll share a number of real world examples where we have scaled interest, talent, and energy through mass collaborative engagement to better understand and solve today's challenges.

Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Film Badge
Format: Dual
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate