The Prescription for a Healthy Startup

Mar 13, 2017

2:00pm – 3:00pm CT

Healthcare is complex, regulated, fragmented – and ripe for disruption. Transcendent change will only come from innovative startups that push the system, ignoring decades of inertia and nudging healthcare in the direction it needs to go. But the key is finding the right partners, and avoiding the landmines.

In this interactive session, Busy Burr will offer her prescription for thriving in a complicated industry, from identifying stakeholders, to navigating the rules, to understanding your customer (hint: it may not be who you think it is.) She’s met with hundreds of startups, all passionate about changing the world of healthcare but unschooled in the market’s complexity.

One key insight? Tech is only part of the cure. Health is about heart and empathy and love and connection. Any digital health startup that’s not part of a holistic solution – guided by the joys, fears, barriers and motivations of real people – is doomed.

While it may sound discouraging, it doesn’t have to be. No other market is primed for change more than healthcare. And virtually all large enterprises are looking for innovative solutions. Those start-ups who can navigate the industry have a unique opportunity to improve the lives of millions of Americans. It’s more than an opportunity; it’s an obligation.

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photo of Busy Burr
Busy Burr


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