HI + AI: What's the Future of Intelligence?

Mar 11, 2017


Adam Cheyer

Viv Labs

Reshma Shetty

Ginkgo BioWorks

Nancy Giordano

Play Big Inc

Evolution is increasingly self directed. The line between what’s a tool and what’s a talent grows less clear each passing day. The future of intelligence is profoundly contested.
Are human intelligence (HI) and artificial intelligence (HI) in competition, or can their collaboration lead to exponential productivity? Is biology just another codebase that can be programmed? What about the brain?
This panel features leading minds from HI (Braintree, OSFund and Kernel founder Bryan Johnson), AI (Siri and Viv founder Adam Cheyer), and synthetic biology (Ginko Bioworks founder Reshma Shetty).
In a lively discussion moderated by Play Big Inc’s Nancy Giordano, we’ll vigorously debate technology’s role in our lives and in our bodies.

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