The Caribbean: The Up and Coming Tech Melting Pot

Mar 10, 2017

5:00pm – 6:00pm CT

The Caribbean is an often overlooked region when it comes to tech and innovation. This is where an enormous amount of opportunities lie. The Governments of various Caribbean islands are looking to innovate and are setting up programs and handing out grants to attract startups and tech companies. They are working on policies and looking into closing partnerships to stimulate this. A group of ambassadors from varius islands of the Caribbean are living proof that the Caribbean is up and coming and shouldn’t be overlooked anymore.
Everything ATECH does evolves around the creation of a local startup tech sector and promoting Aruba and the Caribbean as a global tech hub. A place where global startups, and both local and international entrepreneurs, can build companies, test new concepts and receive guidance and funding. Further, a thriving entrepreneurial sector initially catalyzed by the private sector will have a strong foundation as it limits bureaucracy and politics. The government’s role should be one of a facilitator.
Technological innovation is a powerful source of productivity and growth, especially when bourne by startups.
Why now?
We have witnessed firsthand the birth of a mini revolution, where young entrepreneurs have decided to take action instead of relying on the government or other established institutions to facilitate an innovative initiative. This phenomenon is rare in Aruban and Caribbean culture. There is great momentum and this creative energy needs to be fueled to drive the machine forward and build a community of entrepreneurs that TRUST that we have their best interests at heart.
The future of our economy is going to depend on our teachings and facilitating our young people to build companies, export and encouraging them to pay it forward by teaching and helping their younger peers.
A startup tech ecosystem has the potential to contribute to the GDP of the Caribbean economy, create new and exciting jobs, limit brain drain, stimulate established companies to be creative and innovative, to collaborate with young entrepreneurs, and products and services for export. All this and we have yet taken into account the spin-off effect it will have.

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Varelie Croes

Government Of Aruba

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