presented by: The University of Texas at Austin

Textbook Solution: Open Educational Resources

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Textbook Solution: Open Educational Resources


Elizabeth Haynie

The University of Texas at Austin

Kaitlin Steen

US Public Interest Research Groups

Daniel Williamson

OpenStax Rice University

Lorraine Haricombe

University Of Texas Libraries

The academic textbook market faces a growing sustainability crisis due to converging trends: eroding business models for publishers, affordability costs for students in a higher ed environment facing escalating financial challenges, and academic success challenges in an increasingly digital and global environment.

These trends present opportunities for content experts, platform managers, and software developers to forge new entrepreneurial models for increasing the accessibility, quality, and sustainability of educational resources.

This panel will engage experts from various sectors in an exploration of the challenges, opportunities and rewards of working with open educational resources.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate