Independent TV: A New Road to Success

Date TBA


Daniel Schloss

Truth Slash Fiction

Henry Proegler

Hank & Booth

Charlie Sohne

Truth Slash Fiction

Randi Kleiner


Meet three creative pioneers on the vanguard of independent episodic storytelling. Daniel Schloss & Charlie Sohne, creators of Truth Slash Fiction, and Henry Proegler, creator of Five Star, will talk about their rogue journeys in an industry that has been the bastion of the insider. That is, until now. They will be joined by SeriesFest Founder & CEO Randi Kleiner to discuss why they felt their stories were better told as a series versus the more traveled path of independent film and the future of this nontraditional approach, shattering the glass ceiling for a new wave of creators.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate