Brain Training: The Performance Enhancing Weapon?

Mar 11, 2017 | 6:30pm – 7:30pm
Brain Training: The Performance Enhancing Weapon?


Per Lundstam

Red Bull North America

David Putrino

Know Science Weill Cornell Medical College Burk Medical Research Institute

Dylan Edwards

Weill Cornell Medical College; The Burke Medical Research Institute; Harvard Medical School

Rebecca Rusch

Rusch Relations/Red Bull/ Niner Bikes/SRAM

The brain training and mental gymnastics used by athletes to get an edge are also increasingly being employed post-game, off the field and in the workplace. Join a world champion endurance athlete, a recognized neuroscientist, and a sports physiologist to explore the power of the mind and how it relates to performance. Scientific testing with elite athletes assesses whether the mind or body quits first and can non-invasive mental stimulation bring about improved results. Is our brain our most powerful tool and if so, is brain training the next performance enhancing breakthrough? Can we all train our brains for better results in any field?

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Format: Panel
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Track: Sports
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