A Scientist, Artist, and Engineer Walk Into a Bar

Date TBA


Maggie Malone

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Tom Cwik

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Vick Schutz

Industrial Light & Magic

Steve May

Pixar Animation Studios

Content creators tell stories, but realizing those stories requires cutting-edge technology and creative socialization. Intuitively, these seem like very different problems: one creative, the other technical. We’ve found the creative and collaborative process involved in crafting our best stories also enhances the entire production pipeline, from meeting structure to software development. That consistency allows technologists and artists, whether crafting shots or creating tools, to join in a feedback loop incorporating iteration, innovation and individual voice. Join us in an open exploration of the structure of creativity.

Primary Access: Platinum Badge, Film Badge
Secondary Access: Music Badge, Artist Wristband, Interactive Badge
Event Type: Session
Level: Beginner