Can You Lie to MRI? The Science of Mind Reading

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Alain Dagher

Montreal Neurological Institute McGill University

Cameron Craddock

Nathan S Kline Institute For Psychiatric Research

Daniel Margulies

Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences

Emily Finn

Yale University

The promises of brain scanning are thrilling. From lie detection, to knowing our unconscious preferences, to communicating with 'locked-in' patients who are conscious but completely paralyzed, headlines proclaim we are ever closer to reading our innermost thoughts with an MRI. Mental phenomena, emotions, beliefs, perceptions, are truly represented as information in brain circuitry. But what is the science behind the hype? What do our 'thoughts' actually look like to an MRI? Join four world-class neuroscientists as we introduce the technology and vigorously debate its achievements and current limits.

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