Beyond The Bottom Line: Setting a New Bar for VC

Beyond The Bottom Line: Setting a New Bar for VC


Jenny Abramson

Rethink Impact

Sara Brand

True Wealth Ventures

Mike Nellis

Austin Community Foundation

Pam Ryan

Tingari-Silverton Foundation

Impact investing was once thought of a ‘softer’ kind of investing - sacrificing monetary returns for the sake of non-monetary ones. But, recent research shows sustainable equity funds meet or exceed the returns of traditional funds. In the last decade we have seen a surge of popularity in impact investing. Although true impact investing can only be done in the private markets, we have not seen the same increase in VC vs. public offerings. Seeking answers on how to increase impact investment opportunities in VC and start-ups, this session brings together venture capitalists, impact investors, non-profit foundations and a psychologist studied in how investors and VC's make decisions.

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