Beyond the Interface: Designing Wearables We Love

Date TBA


Pauline Van Dongen

Pauline van Dongen

Syuzi Pakhchyan

BCG Digital Ventures

Designing wearables that people actually want to wear has proven to be much more difficult than anticipated. Wearables have been bedazzled, wrapped in precious stones and high def cameras, designed by celebrities and the fashion illuminati, and yet still failed to capture the public’s imagination. This panel looks beyond the screen and beyond fashion to explore new UX paradigms for wearables that put the user at the center and the craft of meaningful experiences at the forefront. From insights from seasoned product designers to experimental fashion futurists, join the conversation on what wearables might look like in the near future; and more importantly, how they might shape our lives.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Track: Design
Level: Intermediate