How Marginal Gains is turning "Good" to Gold

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How Marginal Gains is turning "Good" to Gold


Conor Brady

Critical Mass

Hannah Ellis-Petersen

Guardian News & Media

When Sir David Brailsford coached the British track cycling team to win 70% of the Gold Medals in the 2008 Olympics, his methods had more to do with focusing on the minutiae than miraculous performance. Over a 4-year timeframe small, 1% improvements in every aspect of his riders’ performance, equipment and lifestyle was his secret—a process called “Marginal Gains.” Join ex-professional cyclist and Critical Mass CCO Conor Brady and Hannah Ellis-Petersen, culture editor from The Guardian, to discuss how the philosophy of marginal gains is beginning to impact education and design. This is a talk for anyone who believes success can come from sweating the details, and a focused effort over time.

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