Countering Extremism Online from ISIS to Neo-Nazis

Countering Extremism Online from ISIS to Neo-Nazis


Dr HA Hellyer

Rafik Hariri Center for the Middle East-Atlantic Council

Elisa Massimino

Human Rights First

Simone Rafael

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

The Internet is a powerful tool. Violent extremists, from ISIS militants to the far-right, have used it to devastating effect. But can it be equally powerful when harnessed for human rights? As hate speech and violent ideologies spread online, we need new counter-messaging strategies to combat extremism. This panel will examine the ideological underpinnings of these groups as well as why their propaganda is often so effective. It will explore methods of countering hate, online and off, and ask tough questions about what are tech companies’ responsibilities for dealing with hate speech on their platforms while considering the implications for free speech and censorship in online spaces.

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Format: Panel
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Level: Intermediate