Personalized Medicine: Trends, Challenges & Future

Mar 12, 2017 | 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Personalized Medicine: Trends, Challenges & Future


Mary Ann Roser

Roser Prose

Mildred Cho

Stanford University Center for Biomedical Ethics

Rachel Haurwitz

Caribou Biosciences

Julia Cheek


As “one size fits all” care gives way to treatments based on the patient’s genetic makeup, the possibilities—and potential pitfalls—are enormous. We will see seriously ill people clamor to have their genes edited by powerful, new technologies as more consumers order genome sequencing and biomarker tests to uncover looming health risks. Yet answers to key ethical questions lag about handling potentially devastating information—and paying for it. Our expert panel, including an ethicist, the founder of a pioneering gene editing firm and a direct-to-consumer testing company, discusses the challenges and future potential posed by this new age of personalized medicine.

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Format: Panel
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