Get a Warrant: The 4th Amendment and Digital Data

Mar 10, 2017

3:30pm – 4:30pm CT

Cellphone location data, troves of communication metadata, old emails, even license plates and images of citizens stored in databases: The digital era has brought about a drastic increase in the amount of info authorities are collecting while bypassing the limits on unwarranted search and seizure in the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. In July 2016, a bipartisan pack of congressional lawmakers organized the Fourth Amendment Caucus to work legislatively to restore privacy protections from government intrusion in the digital age. This panel will focus on efforts to craft laws to solve these problems and the challenges that caucus members (and all digital privacy activists) face.

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Mike Godwin

R Street Institute

Neema Singh Guliani

American Civil Liberties Union

Sean Vitka

Demand Progress

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