Psychopaths in Silicon Valley: A Guide


Jeff Hancock

Stanford University

Kate Niederhoffer

Circadia Labs

Bryan Stolle

Wildcat Venture Partners

Michael Woodworth

Kelowna Professional Group

Whether you’re living the startup life or laughing at its caricature portrayal in HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” you’ve likely used the word “psychopath” as a casual insult. Is there any truth to it? There are uncanny parallels in the description of a glorified tech exec or online troll and the clinical definition of a psychopath, and the latter can cause massive damage to an organization or community. How do you know if you’re working with/for a psychopath? How do you manage him/her? This panel features a clinician, social scientist, and venture capitalist, each with a different intimacy with psychopaths. Learn how to identify and deal with a psychopath, whether a colleague, troll or date from hell.

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