Bingers & Time-Shifters: The Future of TV Marketing

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Bingers & Time-Shifters: The Future of TV Marketing


Amy Shelby

The CW Television Network

Rick Eiserman

Engine Group North America and Trailer Park

A 2015 study found that of 16-34-year-old viewers with broadband, only 39% of the TV they watch in a typical week is live. More than 70% of Millennials use a streaming service to consume TV. The streaming marketplace is proliferating, with paid subscriptions from Showtime to YouTube Red. There's more content to consume than ever before from both traditional networks and digital properties alike and there are more avenues for content discovery and consumption every day.

In this panel, we'll discuss how TV marketers adapt to reach the increasing population of viewers watching content on their own time and challenge what success looks like in this evolving TV landscape.

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