How to Start a Business: Repeat After Me

How to Start a Business: Repeat After Me


Paul Glantz

Launch Consulting

Ashland Viscosi

Creatives Meet Business

Have an idea for a business but not sure what you’ll ACTUALLY need to get started? This session will cover the major hurdles you must cross in starting a business - from the legal and tax perspective. Panelists will cover business formation and help make sense of all of those acronyms that make your head swim (LLC, S Corp, etc). As you walk down the aisle with your business relationships, you’ll need to consider your "Prenups for Startups” - company agreements, bylaws, partnership agreements and more. Rounding out legal is brand protection - trademark, copyright and patent. Join the panelists as they keep you in the good graces of the IRS by sharing what you need to know about tax due dates and make sense of quarterlies.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Beginner
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