From Mud Cracks to Buildings: Endemic Interstices

From Mud Cracks to Buildings: Endemic Interstices


Alexandre Kuroda

Centro Universitário Belas Artes de São Paulo

Endemic Interstices aims to elaborate upon a current trend in architecture design: computational processes for drafting architectural models. Self-structured and co-evolving with the environment, this strategy of design employs mud crack forming as main matter. Through the use of complex nonlinear fabrications organised through computer aided design tools and simulations, crack patterns of various land formations are used to generate building structures that possess structural stability, solar shading, and airflow control. The presentation will elaborate on material behaviour, research and how digital technology plays a crucial role in the overarching design process.

Primary Entry: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Entry: Music Badge, Artist Wristband, Film Badge
Format: Solo
Event Type: Session
Track: Design
Level: Intermediate