The Art of Selling Out

The Art of Selling Out


Mickey Duzyj

The All-Nighter Room

Jeremy Konner

Drunk History

Priya Swaminathan

Annapurna Pictures

Building a creative career is hard enough. So why do so many of us make things even more difficult by kowtowing to a nebulous, unwritten moral standard of “not selling out”? Maybe some version of selling out helps you realize your next goal, or puts your work in front of more people. Maybe it even gives you the freedom to concentrate on your craft and—shut the fuck up—makes you into a better artist!

Join a diverse panel of working creatives for a refreshingly honest, judgement-free conversation about money and art. We’ll share strategies for finding the right kinds of work-for-hire, offer ideas about managing time and money, and maybe even do some networking that doesn’t feel gross.

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Format: Panel
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