Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be AI

Every Little Thing’s Gonna Be AI


Mary Pryor

Urban Socialista/Digital Flash

Kelland Thomas

Stevens Institute of Technology

This panel explores how AI is set to affect how we experience music. As we move into a future driven by machine-learning, we need to design with AI in empathetic and meaningful ways. AI will ultimately change the landscape of music, and we have the chance to decide how - and critically, how it will not - be used to galvanise the music industry. This near-future raises complicated questions: Should our music know us intimately? Do we want our moods reflected back to us? Will responsive gigs ruin atmosphere? We’ll explore AI’s potential to revolutionise home listening, composition and the live music experience, and debate other frictions and opportunities the marriage of music and AI present.

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Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Intermediate