Virtual Life’s a Drag: Queering VR

Mar 13, 2017 | 8:30pm – 9:30pm
Virtual Life’s a Drag: Queering VR


Alison Bennett

Deakin University

Illya Szilak

Zanta VR

Liss LaFleur

University of North Texas

Virtuality and queerness share common conceptual ground. They each destabilize what is natural/taken for granted by emphasizing the performed and experienced rather than what is “objectively real.” This panel will explore this conceptual congruence. The gathered artists and scholars will explore the potential for queer, virtual reality art to foster empathy and broaden perspective in those who experience it. The process of adapting ideas and works to virtual environments, and the technologies that make this work possible, will be detailed and audiences will be introduced to fascinating projects including a queer, virtual memoir and a VR exhibit of drag queens.

Primary Access: Platinum Badge, Interactive Badge
Secondary Access: Music Badge, Artist Wristband, Film Badge
Format: Panel
Event Type: Session
Level: Beginner