How Innovation is Better in Africa

Mar 10, 2017
Why Innovation is Better in Africa


Toby Shapshak

Stuff Magazine

Africa's unique problems have resulted in a unique brand of innovation out of necessity, often using mobile phones. Because we have real problems, the only way to solve them is by ourselves. More people in Africa have a phone than access to electricity (500m), but so to do 1.5bn people globally. These are the same problems the world is facing, so when we solve them, we do it for everyone. Africa's innovative spirit has produced mobile payments like M-Pesa (through which 40% of Kenya's GDP is transacted) and other ground-breaking innovations like M-Kopa, WeFarm and BRCK. We Africans are world leaders in frugal innovation. Africa is not just mobile-first, it is a mobile-only continent.

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