Mar 13, 2017

12:30pm – 1:30pm CT


Presenting organizations include:

Kilimo: We provide a platform for irrigation management in extensive agriculture, using satellite information, weather data and field data we feed our Big Data engine and recommend optimal irrigation for each crop, improving yields up to 30% and efficiency of use Of water by 70%.

QRoom: Music plataform based on YouTube catalogue.

Croma: Croma is an analytics platform for media organizations to measure how their stories are being distributed across social platforms and benchmark their overall performance against competing publications.

Mindcotine: Tobacco generates 6,000,000 preventable deaths per year. In MindCotine we develop a comprehensive treatment that empowers users directly to be in control of their own addiction, from "conscious smoking." With democratization as its axis, we offer a complete set of VR Headset, Biofeedback and VR contents, where through Mindfulness techniques, it is possible to complement current solutions, supporting everyday life experiences.

Kabinett: Kabinett Inc. is a collective that aims to support and elevate emerging and established artists from all disciplines. Our dedication to curated content and expertise in the arts makes us the leading single source to share and discover the best in art, music, film, and initiatives that bring light and lasting impressions to our world. Kabinett is committed to creating a global dialogue, fostering a community, and cultivating dynamic collaborations among millions who appreciate the arts.

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